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The company needs excellent talents to join the group, mutual benefit and win-win, provide the best salary and remuneration, and create brilliant results! ! !



Recruitment office customer service clerk

/ Job description:

1. Import merchant product data as a business, review, support the business docking work after the sales contract, understand the actual operation of the merchant, assist the merchant to quickly understand the import process after the contract, and help improve the website information;

2. Establish brand profile information for businesses, record basic business information and service exception information, and provide an information basis for follow-up services;

3. Develop suitable product warehousing plans and plans for merchants, sort out the merchant's warehousing resources, and avoid risks such as merchants' delivery and delivery;

4. Coordinate internal knowledge training, warehousing, distribution and other related cognitions for merchants to ensure that merchants complete various resource preparations in accordance with the introduction process;

5. After the project is imported, review the project to ensure that the data is complete, correct and valid;

6. Do a good job in the handover of after-sales service;

/ Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, fresh graduates are accepted;

2. Familiar with computer operation and data analysis ability, master the use of Excel, PPT, word and other software

3. B2B and B2C related work experience is preferred

4. Strong learning ability, practical and patient

5. Proficient in Chinese, English and Italian is preferred



Recruiting logistics and delivery drivers

/ Job description and requirements:

1. Responsible for regional logistics and distribution and merchant delivery and collection;

2. Able to receive training on the nature of the service;

3. The goods will be delivered to the user safely and on time, and the user will take back the attachment of the delivery note after signing;

4. Ensure the safety of vehicles, goods and personnel;

5. Reasonably arrange and complete the delivery task on time;

6. Contains a basic salary, and there is a commission for the quantity of each order, do more and earn more;

Recruitment sales

/ Job description

1. Regularly contact customers and consult sales quotations

2. Maintain customer relations and guarantee customer orders, timely replenishment, etc...

3. Understand the sales situation and information of the product in the market

4. Actively promote company products and self-operated projects

5. Supervise customers on schedule and collect payment

6. Complete the annual sales target

/ Job requirements

1. Hold a driver's license, and a legal residence status is required for foreigners who are Italians

2. Good professional ethics and dedication, strong communication skills and expression skills

3. Be able to accept the company's training on the service industry, with the concept of user first

4. Those who have worked in this industry or related industries can be admitted first


The promotion treatment is basic salary plus sales commission. It is not a dream for people with excellent performance to earn more than 10,000 Euros a month! ! !

Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox: Fabio.Ecmall@gmail.com

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